Green In Schools


Once you have registered your school, you will be sent an e-mail with login details.

Please do not give these details to your students. They will be provided with a separate set.

Fees- The project is free to all U.S.A. schools.

School Registration

Welcome to the school registration area.
Please enter the details of your school below, then click on the green button.

1. School Details

Please enter the name of your school

Please select the STATE that your school belongs to

2. Contact Address

Please enter the e-mail address to which your login details should be sent

3. Create A Tutor

A tutor account will allow you to log in and create classes and students, and to access learning materials.

To proceed you must create an initial tutor account. This account may be shared by all staff using the system, so there is currently no need to create multiple accounts.

Please Note that whilst you may register a school at any time, you may only login to the system during school hours.